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About Net2Phone
Net2Phone provides a full suite of Voice over IP solutions in over 160 countries. As the largest distributor-based VoIP Provider in the world, Net2Phone routes millions of minutes daily over data networks, offering high quality voice services and saving consumers and businesses up to 90% off international calling rates.

Net2Phone will enable you with solutions which can be customized and offered into your channel under your private label. Our offering can be catered to your business through web panel or customizable interfaces (APIs).

Contact Information:

Please use these phone numbers only for general inquiries about Net2Phone. For customer support, billing, account information or technical questions, click here.

Phone Number: 1 (973) 438-1000
Email Address: sales@net2phone.com

Public Relations
Phone Number: 1 (973) 438-3553
Email Address: pr@net2phone.com

Corporate Headquarters
Net2Phone, Inc.
550 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone Number: (973) 438-3111


NET2PHONE Corporation does not warrant or make any representations or claims concerning the validity, correctness, currency or otherwise of the information provided herein, nor shall it be liable or responsible for any claim or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use, interpretation, reliance upon or other implementation of said information.

Recent Press Releases
5/9/06 Net2Phone and Telefónica Conclude Agreement to Mutually Develop Telephony Solutions for Cable Network Operators
5/9/06 Net2Phone Selects BridgePort Networks To Provide MobileVoIP Convergence Solutions
3/7/06 Net2Phone Reports 2nd Quarter Fiscal 2006 Financial Results
2/17/06 IDT And Net2Phone Agree To Merger
1/30/06 Net2Phone Cable Telephony to Provide Managed Digital Phone Service For Atlantic Broadband
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