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October 2006 IDT Begins National Marketing Campaign for IDT VoiceLine Internet Phone Service
August 2006 IDT Launches National Marketing Campaign for PennyTalk International Calling Card
March 2006 Net2Phone Becomes Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of IDT
April 2005 Net2Phone Expands National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) Platinum Vendor Status
October 2004 Net2Phone Announces Availability of Wi-Fi VoIP Service
May 2004 Net2Phone and Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico Launch VoIP Telephony Across Entire System
April 2004 Net2Phone Unveils Wi-Fi VoIP Strategy
March 2004 Net2Phone to Provide Telephony Services for Third Caribbean Service Provider
August 2003 Net2Phone and Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico Route Millionth Cable Telephony Minute
August 2003 Net2Phone Creates Two Wholly Owned Subsidiaries
April 2003 Hughes Network Systems and Net2Phone Develop VoIP Solution Over Satellite
February 2003 Net2Phone and Liberty Cablevision PR Begin Billing Cable Telephony Subscribers for Residential Phone Service
December 2002 Net2Phone Partners with ARRIS to Offer a Hosted VoIP Solution for Cable Operators
June 2002 Net2Phone Launches First Outsourced Voice Solution for Cable Operators
October 2001 Net2Phone Announces New Investor, Ownership Structure
August 2000 AT&T Invests $1.4 Billion in Net2Phone (32% Economic Stake)
July 2000 Microsoft Integrates Net2Phone into MSN Messenger
November 1999 Net2Phone Files for Secondary Offering of Common Stock
July 1999 Net2Phone Completes Initial Public Offering of Common Stock
September 1997 Net2Phone Direct (Phone-to-Phone Over IP) Launched in the U.S.
July 1996 Net2Phone 4.62 Beta -- Half-Duplex Launched
November 1995 Announces Plans to Release First PC-to-Phone Technology

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