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VoIP Hardware & Services

Net2Phone offers a variety of partnerships and revenue opportunities for resellers looking to capitalize on the exploding growth of IP telephony.

Wholesale Termination
Become a wholesale provider by connecting your SIP softswitch to the Net2Phone network.

IP-PBX SIP Trunking
Provide voice services to customers who use Asterisk and other SIP-based IP-PBXs and softswitches.

Call Shops and Internet Cafés
Offer high quality, low-cost phone calls to anywhere in the world.

Mobile VoIP
Sell VoIP calling time to mobile customers.

ISP Solutions
Voice services for ISPs, WISPs, and satellite, DSL and cable broadband providers.

VoIP Hardware
View detailed descriptions and specifications of Net2Phone VoIP hardware.

VoIP Over Wi-Fi Networks
Net2Phone's wireless VoIP solutions enable service providers to deliver mobile VoIP applications.

Toll Free Services
Grow your business by enabling your U.S. customers to call you toll free.

Become a Reseller -- Make Money with Net2Phone

If you would like to become a Net2Phone reseller, please contact us:

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