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ISP Solutions

Deliver voice services to your residential and business customers -- quickly and easily

Whether you are a wireless, satellite, DSL or cable ISP, you can provide your subscribers with low calling rates and customized calling plans, all under your own private label or the Net2Phone brand.
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Profit by offering voice services
Net2Phone enables broadband ISPs and WISPs to provide innovative, cost-saving voice services. By offering a complete voice and data "double-play" package, you can:

  • Increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) from your existing customer base
  • Reduce churn by offering an additional value-added service
  • Attract new customers and grow your revenue

Partner with a worldwide leader in VoIP solutions
We will work closely with you to help ensure a profitable relationship. By partnering with Net2Phone, you can:

  • Benefit from our experience in developing, selling and supporting VoIP solutions in markets all over the world for more than a decade
  • Minimize capital expenditures while quickly and easily implementing voice services
  • Manage your business with our full suite of Web-based partner tools

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