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Toll Free Services

Grow your business by enabling your U.S. customers to call you toll free

Whether you are a U.S. or non-U.S. based company, Net2Phone provides a wide range of toll free services, including:

  • U.S. numbers that terminate domestically or internationally
  • Solutions for companies with an IP-enabled switch or PBX
  • A full complement of reporting capabilities

Maximize your savings
Net2Phone enables you to implement a cost effective toll free service, whether you terminate using an IP-enabled switch or over the PSTN:

  • Value USA 800 Service
    U.S. companies with an IP-enabled switch can benefit from the tremendous rates provided by our Value USA service, which features U.S. origination and termination.

  • Value Americas Toll Free Service
    Likewise, non-U.S. based companies with an IP-enabled switch can implement the low-cost Value Americas service. This service provides companies with a U.S. toll-free number that can be routed to an international location.

  • VoiceAccess
    With VoiceAccess, companies without a switch can add IP connectivity to their network and benefit from the associated cost savings. By connecting a Net2Phone or third party gateway to their legacy PBX, companies can implement a low-cost toll free service with U.S. numbers that terminate either domestically or internationally.

  • Dialocal Toll Free Service
    Companies without IP connectivity can save with Dialocal, which provides U.S. toll free numbers that terminate domestically or internationally over the PSTN. With Dialocal, companies need not install additional hardware and can benefit from advanced "Reach Me" and VoiceMail functionality.

Manage your business effectively
Our toll free services feature a full complement of reporting functionality, including call summary on invoice, call detail records (CDRs) and a host of financial data.


Contact Us
To receive additional information about partnering with Net2Phone to offer Toll Free Services, please contact us.
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