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VoIP Over Wi-Fi Networks
Extend the mobility and flexibility of VoIP

• VoIP solutions for Wi-Fi service    providers
• Services for residential and corporate    customers
• Partnership opportunities for OEMs

Net2Phone enables Wi-Fi service providers to enhance their existing services and deliver mobile VoIP applications to residential and corporate users worldwide. By removing the need for copper or fiber access to the Internet, wireless technology can extend the benefits of VoIP to previously unreachable markets.

Value-added services
Based on our VoiceLine broadband telephony service, our SIP-based hosted wireless telephony solutions include:

  • Low-cost inbound and outbound calling
  • The choice of a telephone number from another country, no matter where the user resides globally
  • Calling features such as VoiceMail and Caller ID
Market applications
With Net2Phone, service providers can leverage additional revenue from their Wi-Fi networks by providing a value-added, low-cost calling service to their customer base. Our solutions can benefit Wi-Fi providers serving:

  • Corporate/SoHo Environments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Hot Spots
  • Public Municipalities
  • Multi-Dwelling/Multi-Tenant Units
OEM Opportunities
We are also exploring partnership opportunities with:

Wireless Equipment Managers who are creating next generation base stations, access points and wireless middleware solutions.

Cell Phone Manufacturers who are creating Wi-Fi, WIMAX and dual mode cell phones for both cell phone and VoIP use.

PDA Manufacturers who can enable a wireless PDA with phone functionality using Net2Phone.

PC Manufacturers who are interested in enabling their products with VoIP.

Contact Us
To learn more about partnership opportunities with Net2Phone, please contact us.

Related Third Party Links
If you are interested in becoming an 801.11 Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) or expanding your service, you may want to review the following materials and Web sites:


Wireless Equipment Providers

Sveasoft (www.sveasoft.com)
Sveasoft offers enhanced software for the popular Linksys WRT54G Wi-Fi access point. Sveasoft software enables meshing of the WRT54G and includes a number of other useful features.

LocustWorld (www.locustworld.com)
LocustWorld offers Wi-Fi mesh software for small WISPs. LocustWorld and their partners provide a variety of access point hardware (including outdoor equipment) and antenna options. Their partners also offer deployment-consulting services.


Contact Us
Service Providers: To receive additional information about partnering with Net2Phone to offer wireless VoIP solutions, click here.
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