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Reseller Opportunities in Africa!

Reseller Opportunities

Net2Phone enables our partners the ability to earn a new source of recurring revenue by offering high quality VoIP solutions for consumers and businesses.

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Wholesale Termination
Become a wholesale provider by connecting your SIP softswitch to the Net2Phone network.
Switch Providers can choose to route traffic from 4 different service levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Broadband Phone Service
Internet Service Providers or Resellers looking to add a voice solution to their current offering can profit with private-labeled broadband telephony. Offer your residential and small business customers up to 90% savings on their phone bills.

IP-PBX SIP Trunking
System Integrators, PBX Installers, and IT Consultants can save enterprise customers up to 90% on their telecommunications costs. Provide SIP Trunking voice services to customers who use Asterisk, Elastix, Avaya, and other SIP-based IP-PBXs and softswitches.

International Mobile Top-Up
Offer mobile top-up, directly from your store, to prepaid mobile phones worldwide. Increase your revenue instantly by enabling your customers to send airtime to their loved ones back home with cross-border top-up.

Mobile VoIP - Mobitalker
Mobile Distributors and Resellers can offer a smartphone app for low cost international calling, featuring three different call types.

Call Shops and Internet Cafés
Resellers looking to serve call shops and internet cafés in their market with a VoIP solution.

International Virtual Numbers
Provide your customers with local telephone numbers from other countries.

Agent Program
Join the Net2Phone Agent Program, and earn recurring sales commissions with NO investment, while Net2Phone supports you through every step of the way.

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