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Broadband Phone Service
VoiceLine enables you to become a
VoIP telephone company by providing:

• Low cost calling for residential and
    small business customers
• Custom calling plans for your market
• Branding options, including using your
    own company name

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How does VoiceLine work?
VoiceLine is a VoIP service that allows your residential and small business customers to use a standard telephone and broadband Internet connection to make and receive phone calls at incredibly low rates.

VoiceLine customers can choose one or more phone numbers from countries all over the world, including:

Argentina El Salvador Mexico Slovenia
Austria Estonia Netherlands South Africa
Bahrain Finland New Zealand Spain
Belgium France Nigeria Sweden
Brazil Hong Kong Norway U.K.
Canada Georgia Panama U.S.
Chile Guatemala Peru Venezuela
Colombia Israel Poland Vietnam
Cyprus Japan Portugal  
Denmark Lithuania Puerto Rico  
Dominican Republic Malta Russia  

So, for example, if your customer in Brazil has friends, family or business contacts in Portugal, they can obtain a Portugal phone number and their contacts in Portugal can call them without incurring international long distance charges.

The Reseller Opportunity
As a VoiceLine reseller, you can profit by providing low-cost calling to your customers. VoiceLine enables you to create custom calling plans for your market, including unlimited monthly plans, "bucket of minutes" plans and a pay-as-you-go model.

Your customers can save on both inbound and outbound calling all over the world with flexible calling plans featuring their favorite calling destinations.

You can market VoiceLine under your brand name or provide a co-branded service. Besides profiting from your first sale, you can receive recurring revenue when your customers return to you again and again to purchase additional calling time and plans. With our Web-based reseller tools, you can effectively manage your business and even expand your revenue by establishing a sub-reseller network.

Net2Phone will provide you will FREE hardware and valuable account management tools to get you started on this recurring revenue generating business.

You can get started with our starter kit demo package for only $500!
This package includes:
     • $500 in calling time
     • 3 Innomedia MTA telephone adaptors
     • Support tools such as our Web-based Partner Resource Center
     • FREE shipping!

To become a VoiceLine Reseller, order a demo kit, or find out more information about Net2Phone's VoiceLine, click here.

Additional customer benefits

Callers can also benefit from a full suite of popular calling features, including:

VoiceMail Speed Dial Call Forwarding
Reach Me Call Return Automatic Callback
Caller ID Do Not Disturb 3-Way Calling
Call Waiting Call Transfer Anonymous Call Blocking


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Service Information

Download Service Description
Download Fax Bulletin
Download Available Area Codes Bulletin
Download Getting Started
   Guide (for InnoMedia
Download Getting Started
   Guide (for InnoMedia
   MTA 3328-2)
Download Getting Started
   Guide (for InnoMedia
   MTA 3328-2R)
Download Getting Started
   Guide (Spanish)
Download User Guide
Download User Guide
Download VoiceLine Dial    Codes Reference Sheet
Download Optimize Call
   Quality Bulletin
Add a Line and/or    Multiple Phone Numbers    Bulletin
Download Local Access
   Numbers List
Hardware Information

Download InnoMedia MTA
   6328-2Re Telephone Adapter
   Specification Sheet
Download InnoMedia MTA
   6328-2Re Telephone Adapter
   User Guide
Download InnoMedia MTA
   3328-2 Telephone Adapter
   User Guide
Download InnoMedia MTA
   3328-2R Telephone Adapter
   User Guide
Download InnoMedia MTA
   3328-2R Telephone Adapter
   User Guide (Spanish)
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   Wi-Fi Phone Getting
   Started Guide
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   Getting Started Guide
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