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Call Shop Management Center

Manage your Call Shop with Net2Phone's Free Web-Based Application

Attention Existing Net2Phone Call Shops:
Click here to begin using the Call Shop Management Center.
If you would like to become a Net2Phone Call Shop, please contact us.

Net2Phone's Call Shop Management Center helps you operate an organized, profitable Call Shop
With Net2Phone's free, web-based Call Shop Management Center, you can:

  • Set sell rates, view buy rates and customize exchange rates
  • Create invoices and view billing history
  • Generate detailed revenue and profitability reports
  • Manage booth activity

Rate Management
Our Rate Management application helps you manage profitability by enabling you to:

  • View buy rates
  • Set sell rates (select from various currencies)
  • Change billing increments
  • View and customize exchange rates

Net2Phone Call Shop Management Center

Invoice and Report Generation
Net2Phone’s Call Shop Management Center allows you to generate both standard and customized invoices:

  • Generate a standard invoice for calls made during one session in a single booth
  • Create a custom invoice for unbilled calls made from multiple booth

In both cases, you have the ability to include additional services or items on the invoice.

And, you can generate multiple reports to help manage your business:

  • The Call Destination Report provides information on calls made to all destinations over a particular time period
  • The Reconciliation Report includes total revenue and cost/profit details

All reports can be exported and saved to Excel for future reference.

Net2Phone Call Shop Management Center - Destination

Net2Phone Call Shop Management Center - Destination

Net2Phone Call Shop Management Center - Reconciliation

Booth Management
With the Booth Management functionality, you can:

  • Manage up to twelve (12) calling booths
  • View the call status within a booth
  • Set limits for prepaid calls
  • End a call
  • Select a booth for invoice

Net2Phone Call Shop Management Center - Booth

The Net2Phone Call Shop Management Center will only operate with VoIP services provided by Net2Phone. This application also requires: a Net2Phone PRC account; a PC or Mac running Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer; and a high-speed Internet connection.

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