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International Virtual Numbers
Dialocal brings the world closer

• Offer your customers telephone
    numbers from another country
• Works with any phone, including
    mobile phones
• No additional equipment is necessary

Stay in touch for less
Dialocal provides international virtual phone numbers, allowing people in another country to call you for the price of a local call. For example, if you live in Brazil and choose a number in Lisbon, Portugal, someone in Lisbon will be able to dial your local Lisbon number and reach you in Brazil for the price of a local call.

Choose from a number of countries
Currently, resellers can offer Dialocal phone numbers from the following countries:

Argentina El Salvador Malta Russia
Austria Estonia Mexico Slovenia
Bahrain Finland Netherlands South Africa
Belgium France New Zealand Spain
Brazil Georgia Nigeria Sweden
Canada Guatemala Norway U.K.
Chile Hong Kong Panama U.S.
Colombia Israel Peru Venezuela
Cyprus Japan Portugal Vietnam
Dominican Republic Jordan Poland  
Denmark Lithuania Puerto Rico  



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To purchase an international virtual number
Looking for an international virtual number for personal use? Please visit our Dialocal page for ordering information.
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